Virbrant Mural Surrounded by Gray


I have found an interesting mural during my continuing search for wall murals.  This mural runs along a wall that surrounds a grassy area at Park Place on Admiral Drive in Annapolis, MD.

The artists are Tikka Meszaros, Binho Ribeiro, Rodrigo Branco, Jeff Huntington, Jesse James, Charles Lawrence, Vermelho Steam, and Gen Duarte.

DSCN1510by Rodrigo Branco

DSCN1512by Vermelho Steam

DSCN1502by Charles Lawrance

DSCN1505by Binho Ribeiro

DSCN1509by Jeff Huntington and Jesse James


What a vibrant and colorful mural to brighten up a gray wall.

Keep creating,


additional info from UpStart Annapolis magazine


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