Barbara’s Art Quilts


Barbara’s Art Quilts

Barbara is inspired by nature – nature’s colors, and shapes to create her award-winning beautiful quilts.  Barbara says, “I get most of my ideas for quilts from nature. I’m inspired by the beauty all around us, in every season, and especially love animals.”  She has been quilting more than 20 year, she started quilting after she saw quilts used as wall hangings.  She loved the colors and warmth of the quilts and wanted quilts to hang on the walls of her first home. You can also see her quilt creations on the walls of quilt shows, exhibits, and art shows.

Her current work is inspired by threatened species and she hopes to raise awareness of their plight.


You get a sense of diving with the sea turtles in this quilt.


Check out the unusual shape Barbara created for this woodland wall hanging.


She teaches traditional and art quilting techniques at workshops and classes and is a Certified Sulky Teacher. Check out her website for dates of her workshops, classes, and exhibitions.


On the web:


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