Native Americans Heritage Celebrated


Friday was American Indian Heritage Day.  Historic London Town, in Edgewater Maryland, celebrated the holiday by observing Native American Appreciation Day.  Potomac Dancers performed traditional dances and explained Indian heritage and traditions.  They are keeping these traditions alive by passing the knowledge on to younger members.


Each dancer’s outfit was created and made by the dancer to show their individually.  The outfits represents native American dress after European settlers had arrived in America.  During that time, Indians wore European shirts they traded for but kept many of their traditional accessories.

Each dancer makes his own moccasin by folding leather around his feet and stitching the seam at the top of the moccasin, with an opening at the back.


The dancers make their legging rattles with deer toes that have been cured and strung on leather straps.  While the dancers are dancing the toes rattle and add more rhythm to the drum beat.


These pouches have been made by the dancers.  The dancers also make all bracelets and necklaces out of leather, beads, shells, thread or silver.

DSCN1444 DSCN1445 DSCN1443DSCN1451

The hand-held rattles are made out of gourds.


The head dresses are made out of wild turkey feathers.

DSCN1428 DSCN1452

This drum was made out of rawhide and a hollow tree branch.

It is wonderful these traditional crafts are being keep alive.  Thank you participants, we learned a lot.

Check out this video of event participants in a traditional dance:

Keep traditions alive,



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