Photography by John Flack – Photo Artist


John takes photography to another level.  I had the chance to talk to John about his photo art.  He has been involved in photography off and on for the last 30 years.  He started taking photos when he received a used SR camera. The last thirteen year he has been exploring the Eastern Shore and digital photography.  John likes to explore the back roads of the Eastern Shore and take photos of interesting buildings, structures and beautiful landscape.

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John has been taking photos of the relics of old grave sites and buildings for years.  He is documenting the beautiful stone and granite artwork created for these places and now neglected.  These places were created for the living, for the people who would visit their departed love ones.  Now a lot of these grave sites and old buildings are not visited because the current ancestors don’t have ties to these departed souls.

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He said, what is art is different from one person to another – and even different at various points in time in one’s life.  He enjoys taking pictures and creating interesting photos for people to enjoy and appreciate.

I asked John what advise would he give to people interested in photography.  He suggest, know your camera and equipment, read the owner’s manual.  He adds take a lot of photos and observe what works and what doesn’t in the photos.  If you have a new filter or flash, take photos with and without it so you can see how the photo changed.

He said you might have to rough it to get the great shot – muddy, wet, and bit-up by bugs.  He has been known to lay on the wet ground or stand in the cold to get a great shot.

For example, he laid on the ground and shot this picture.  But what a great shot!


He said it was a cold when he took this photo.  So cold that he had to stop taking photos because his fingers were getting numb.


John has partnered with a graphic artist and writer and they are creating a book.  We can’t wait to see the book.

Please visit to see more of John’s photos.


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