Silva*Wear – St Michaels Tiny Jewelry Box Treasure


Silva*Wear is a jewelry box treasure of St. Michaels, MD.  This tiny store holds distinctively unique handcrafted pieces of jewelry art.  Beautiful jewelry welcomes you into the shop.  Jeannette of Silva*Wear creates jewelry by using various techniques: crocheted wire, and leather, and wire wrapping in the shop.  She is happy to talk about her art and explain the various techniques she uses.




Most of the jewelry in the shop is made by Jeannette and her husband. She also carries a few pieces jewelry made by other artisans.  Jeannette has an art degree but didn’t became interested in making jewelry until she took a class in wire wrapping.  She started creating jewelry full-time and opened the shop after marrying her husband and moving to St. Michaels.


She creates one-of-a-kind crocheted wire necklaces.  She actually crochets wire much like you would crochet yarn.  She adds various beads, semi-precious stones and fresh water pearls into the crocheted non-tarnishing wire to make beautiful necklaces.  Beads are clustered in the lacy crocheted wire, giving the necklaces an light airy feel.


Wouldn’t this look great with a little black dress?

She creates jewelry for weddings also.


She clusters beads and pearls from her collections to make these necklaces, each is different.


She also creates fresh water earrings.

DSCN0402 DSCN0401

Wire wrapping is a technique using jewelry wire to make components. These components are then connected to one another by bending  wire into loops or other decorative shapes.  Wire is wrapped around itself to finish the wire component making that loop or decorative shape permanent. This technique doesn’t use soldering or heating of the wire. The bracelets below are Jeannette’s wire wrap bracelets.


And recently, she has started creating leather bracelets.


Jeannette’s husband creates jewelry by using various wire techniques also.  Here is a selection of his creations.


So next time you are in St. Michaels, stop into Silva*Wear to say hello to Jeannette.  Or visit


Be inspired,



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