Color Inspirations – Personal Observations


Lately, vibrant colors keep playing through my mind. The colors I’m seeing everywhere are inspiring. I typically pick conservative colors in my projects – usually monotones (charcoal and pencil is my favorite medium).

DSCN0274 DSCN0275

But visually catching color schemes have drawn my attention. Look at the vibrant colors of the glass plates at The Clay Bakers.


And the vibrate beads at The Twisted Bead…


or the colors of Mama-Girl Folk Art’s paper mache.


Colors in needlepoint…


Try the colors and patterns of the Anne Arundel Arts Council Chickens in Annapolis.

DSCN0271 DSCN0273

Check out the patchwork patterns of Stephi Whimsey’s dogs; or the pattern combinations of this pink and black monkey.


These colors stretch my imagination. Inspiration can happen anywhere.  I’m motivated. There will be more color in my life.

Look around and create.



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