4th Annual Maryland Alpacas and Fleece Festival


This weekend was the 4th Annual Maryland Alpacas and Fleece Festival.  This festival is a treat for yarn lovers and non-yarn lovers.  There was so much to experience at the festival.

This festival covers everything from alpacas, their fleece, yarn made from the fleece, to products made from the yarn.  The vendors were happy to share and demonstrate their process of making fleece into yarn.


Step 1 – Cute alpacas


Step 2 – Fleece from alpacas. Hayvenly Alpacas


Step 3 – Cord and spin the fleece into yarn. Alpaca Road


Step 4 – Dye yarn. Blue Heron Yarns


Step 5 – Make into garments. Prairie Lake Alpacs


Please add November 15 & 16 2014 to your calender that is the dates for the 5th festival.


Thank you Alpaca Road, Blue Heron Yarns Shop, Hayvenly Alpacas, and Prairie Lake Alpacas for your help.


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