Chloe’s Closet


I would like to introduce you to Angela of Chloe’s Closet.  She is a dear friend and not only does she make fantastic jewelry she creates fantastic crocheted and knitted garments.  She shares her story and explains her passion to create jewelry.  Please check out Angela’s jewelry at Unique Treasures at Union Station in Washington DC.  Or you can contact Angela at

  • How did you start creating jewelry?  Is there a background story?

I started a group at work called Needle Work Lunches and met a lady in that group that made jewelry.  One day we were the only two members of the group that showed up for the meeting.  On that day she brought her jewelry making tools, beads, and findings (wire, ear wires, decorative beads, etc.) and made me a pair of earrings.  Prior to her making the earrings in front of me I had never considered making jewelry, but when I saw how quickly she made them I was hooked.

I learned that the jeweler’s tools for handmade jewelry were not expensive and I could create unique jewelry for myself.  At that point, I had not considered selling the jewelry I made, but after buying jewelry making supplies I had much more beads, wire, and findings than I needed for my personal use and decided to try to sell some of the jewelry I made.

                               ccu138 ccu115

  • Why do you do what you do?  What is your design motivation and inspiration?

I make jewelry because I enjoy creating tangible items that I can admire (I also crochet and knit).  My main motivation is to create something that is unique and beautiful.

I’m not sure what my inspiration is, but sometimes I feel driven to create and when I make jewelry in those moments I really like the result.  When I try to create jewelry and I don’t feel driven I’m not satisfied with the outcome.  Since my jewelry is handmade I can replicate the designs I have created with different semiprecious stones and findings.


  • What are your future plans with your jewelry?

My future plans for my jewelry include becoming a recognizable name for beautiful quality jewelry.


  • Where do you sell your jewelry?

My jewelry is on sale at Union Station in the East Hall at Unique Treasures.  I also intend to vend during the holiday season at various locations.


The picture are just a small sample of Angela’s earrings and necklaces.


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