Easton Waterfowl Festival


It was a beautiful fall Sunday at the Easton Waterfowl Festival.  The art was amazing.  The carvings of the ducks and birds were exceptional.  Some of the carvings were so realistic that you almost thought it was a real duck.  The feathers were carved with such detail you wanted to reach out and touch the sculptures. I thought the wildlife carvings were the best part of the festival.

images (1)

The paintings and drawing were a favorite also.  A graphic artist, Terry Miller, displayed various drawings that caught my attention.  He depicts wildlife in their natural habitat and in urban areas.  His drawings were exquisite. 

There were artist from around the US and Canada, but I specifically looked for artist from the Chesapeake Bay area.  The proceeds from the festival support waterfowl conservation on the Chesapeake Bay.

The festival was very fun not only for adults but for the kids also. The activities were dispersed throughout historic Easton.  There were music and food stands everywhere.  Dogs are welcomed and are an integral part of the festival.  Next year plan to attend, bring the kids they can run and play, and be sure to bring your dog.



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