Glowing US Capitol Dome

If I could have a muse that was a piece of architecture, then I would rank the U.S. Capitol dome as one of my top ten.  The dome glows at dusk, night, and sunrise, when it is lit up…

but also during the day as the sun glints on the newly restored dome.


I was fortunate to take a tour of the U.S. Capitol and found out more.

Some interesting facts:

  • It consists of two domes, with one inside the other.
  • It’s 288 feet in height and 96 feet in diameter.
  • It weighs 14.1 million pounds or 7,050 tons – the equivalent of nearly 3,000 large-sized SUVs
  • The color, “Dome White,” is a gray-toned white (you can buy this color at Benjamin Moore).
  • It is made of cast iron.
  • The dome we see today was designed by Thomas U. Walter


This is a copy of “Freedom” that adorns the top of the dome.  This is the actual size of the piece – it is huge!

Just recently the dome had undergone a restoration.  The cracks in the cast iron were repaired and the dome has been repainted.

Here is a unique view of the dome from the Capitol visitor center.


Hope you find your muse.



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