Red, Yellow, and Blue: What do we see?


Andrea (the best art instructor) mentioned in art class there is a test to determine how many colors you can see.  She said we all have eye cones.  Not being much of a biologist or into science  and  I had never heard about eye cones!? I did a quick online search into eye cones to see what this was all about.

We all have eye cones that are a photoreceptor cells in our eyes and they determine what colors we see.   Most people have three types of cones that measure the light wavelength that colors produce.  Some have less which is considered dichromat and some have more which is considered tetrachromatic vision.  Dichromat’s tend to wear a lot of blue, beige and black.  Tetrachromatic’s are more likely to be irritated by yellow.


This was exciting, knowing that some see colors differently.  This might help me with art.

There is an online test you can take to determine the amount of colors you can see.  But I must caution you that it might not be very accurate.  Some discount the test results.  Below is a link to one website.  There are many.

Below are examples of color tests that I copied from online.

Color Test 1

Color Test 2

Hope this information was helpful.

We are going on a field trip to Washington DC on our next post.

Happy coloring,



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