Young Artist & Businessman


Last weekend I meet Andrew, a young man who is not only an artist but quite the businessman.  Andrew had a lemonade stand last summer.  He he donated some of his profit and decided to start another business with the rest of his profit.

He and his mother gathers and dries flowers and leaves.  They create beautiful botanical arrangements in shadow box frames with their finds. So he decided to start selling their arrangements.

Here are some of my favorite.

0607151220b 0607151220a 06071512210607151219

The leaves and flowers have retained their fresh colors.  It is as if they were just picked from the garden.


The leaves in the boxes make you feel as if you just happened upon them while walking thorough the woods.  It seems as if the lovely rose bud has just been un-pinned from a lapel.

Andrew donates a percent of his profits.


What a wonderful way to preserve nature and memories.

Enjoy art everyday,



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