Vintage Eastport Boats Wall Mural


When wandering local street sometimes you happen upon wall murals.  There is a beautiful wall mural in Eastport, MD.  It was painted by Cindy Fletcher Holden in the Fall of 1999.  The mural is located on the Hopkins Furniture warehouse at Fourth Street and Chesapeake Avenue.  I have attached two articles from the Baltimore Sun about the mural and interviews with Cindy.

DSCN0891 DSCN0894DSCN0893

The mural depicts boats the have a relationship to Eastport – by being designed, built, or just have a history with Eastport.  As you can see this mural has had some wear over the years.  Now the warehouse is for sale.  I hope this mural survives, because it has been a great addition to the community.

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