Sea Drift Sculptures

Wow! It is made from driftwood!  Bernie from Sea Drift Sculptures creates these unusual sculptures.  He says, “He is bring the driftwood back into a new life.”  Each sculpture is unique and is created on what Bernie sees in the wood.  Bernie say there is a part of him in every sculpture.  Every piece comes with a letter of authenticity. Below are the before and after pictures of some of his pieces.

unnamed Driftwood 2

He really enjoys gathering driftwood, it is his time to get out into nature and be on the water.  After gathering the wood he treats the wood and then starts creating and finish the piece by painting it.  He leave part of unfinished driftwood in each piece.

Bernie comes from an artistic family.  He grew up on the water and first started making furniture from driftwood, then evolved into sculptures.  We are the first to see a new sculpture that Bernie has just created, below is his new creation call “Life”.  And the piece of driftwood that was used.  Bernie says creating sculpture is using your imagination.

Sea Drift Sculptures website is and he has pieces in galleries from New Jersey to Florida.  You can also find him at various art show in the region.


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