njb Basket of Jewels


What does baskets, jewelry and rugs have in common?  Norma, Norma of njb Basket of Jewels who is a folk artist and versatile designer.  She designs jewelry and has expanded into creating these great baskets and rugs.  Each piece of jewelry, basket, and rug are one of a kind.


Norma started sewing when she was 12 and made all of her clothes and became an accomplished seamstress.  She created bride dress and altered clothing.  She designs jewelry, but decided that she wanted to expand into something different.  So she started making these great baskets…


And now, creating rag rugs.


Below is the loom she uses to make the rugs.


It is interesting how once the strips of pattern material are woven into the rugs and into the baskets it become a different pattern.  Norma might be teaching her technique of making rugs in the future.

Norma sells at various craft shows through the region and on//www.etsy.com/shop/njbBasketofJewels


Norma says she likes to see the smile on people’s faces when they see her creations.  She is so interesting and talented.

Thanks Norma,



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