Reflect, Relax and Remember – National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial


I took sometime out of my day and toured one of my favorite places in Washington DC.  It is The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.  This serene place honors fallen federal, state, and local law enforcement officers.  The 3 acre park was designed by Davis Buckley.

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It is a beautiful place to take a break and reflect, relax and remember.

The pathways are bordered with engraved marble walls with names of fallen officers.

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Two artisans were added names to the walls.  First they make a template of the names, then position and tape the template onto the wall.  After the names are place on the wall they take a drill and engrave the names into the wall.  These two guys have engraved all of the more than 20,000 names in the park.


Four lions and lioness and their cubs guard the entrance ways to the engrave marble walls.  These bronzed statues were sculpted by Raymond Kaskey.  They symbolize the protection, strength, courage, and valor of law enforcement officers.


Please visit this website for more about the memorial.




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