The Sewing Factory – A Creative Treasury Cove

DSCN0427 (3)

Today I will introduce you to The Sewing Factory.  A creative treasure cove.


St. Michaels “Old Sewing Factory” is a great place to visit.  The building was built in 1925 and housed a sewing shop.  Local women were employed to produce men shirts and underwear.  During World War II the shop producted clothing for the troops.  Now the building is the home to St. Michaels Winery boutique and wine tasting room, Ophiuroidea and The Sewing Factory boutique.


The Sewing Factory is a wonderful store filled with handcrafted creations.   All of the items have been sewn by Candice in the store’s sewing room in the back.  Candice not only is an expert seamstress, she is also very creative. There are purses, pillows, ties, children’s toys and many more items.


Candice has been sewing since she was a young girl and made most of her clothes.  She is still doing what she loves to do – sewing.

Keep creating,




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