Do you know there is a Colored Pencil Society?


By Magruder Murray

I just found out about the Colored Pencil Society of America this weekend.  The CPSA has an exhibit at Quiet Water’s Park in Annapolis.  I had a chance to visit the exhibit and was very inspired.  The artists have beautiful artwork on display.  Colored pencils are know for their lushness of color and it is very evident in the artwork in the exhibit.


By Mary Jo Eisenhower

Some of the artist use various papers and/or add other types of media to their artwork.


Colored pencil on vellum by Suzanne Vigil

Colored pencils are a relative new medium, introduced in 1920s.  The CPSA was established to promote colored pencil art. The local society meets about six times a year and have special workshops and exhibits during the year.  Members are from Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.  To find out more about CPSA go to


By Gloria Callahan


By Martha Crawley

 Be sure to visit the exhibit and enjoy all of the artwork. It runs through July 6th.  And enjoy the park.


Get out those colored pencils and start drawing.

Be inspired,



2 responses to “Do you know there is a Colored Pencil Society?

  1. Thanks, Dee, for featuring our work and the current show at Quiet Waters. Info about the local chapter of CPSA can be found at http//, and we’re always ready welcome new colored pencil artists!

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