Electric Blue – Maryland Hall



Maryland Hall has two exhibits, Still, Blue and Bates Middle School and Annapolis High School Still Life Invitational on display now through May 15th.  The Still, Blue is a traveling exhibit of still life artwork that has the color electric blue incorporated into the paintings.  This exhibit was organized by Zeuxis, the Association of Still Life Painters.

IMG_20140512_171217_830 IMG_20140512_171153_172 IMG_20140512_171225_638


According to Wikipedia Electric Blue is represent an electric spark or the color of lightning.  A color close to cyan.



The Bates Middle and Annapolis High school artists created artworks based on the Still, Blue exhibit.  The artist did an excellent job of capturing the intensity of the blue.

IMG_20140512_170911_655 IMG_20140512_170937_242 IMG_20140512_171007_409

This is just a snapshot of the talent on display.  This weekend take a break and visit Maryland Hall in Annapolis and view the exhibits.

Check out their website at https://www.marylandhall.org/exhibits/current-exhibits.

Keep electric blue creating,




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