Community Service Month – Artisans Contribute

April is Community Service month.  Artisan have a precious skill to help those in need.  Various Chesapeake Bay guilds, clubs and groups contribute to the community.  Some that I’m familiar with are:


The Southern Comfort Quilt Guild creates community quilts for a number of hospitals and organizations in the area.  The community quilt committee has donated over 200 quilts to Georgetown Hospital Pediatric Oncology, Chapel Forge Early Childhood Center, Holy Catholic Church Charity, and other organizations.  The quilters also created 39 quilts and sent to soldiers returning from Afghanistan that didn’t have bedding.


Knit Together for Charity – This group meets at various Anne Arundel County Public Libraries to knit or crochet hats for Anne Arundel Medical Center.  Website


Project Linus is an organization that collect locally handmade blankets and donate them to hospital in the area.  There are number of Chapters in the Chesapeake Bay area, please check out their website

The Maryland Federation of Art bring art to the community.  They have various events in the community to inspire a love of art and host the Hospice Cup to raise funds for five Hospice Groups. Their website is

All organizations accept donations.

If you have some materials or yarn that you will not be using please donate to an organization.  And $$$ is always needed.

Go off and do something wonderful,




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