What Inspires You?



There is a Call to Artist from the Professional Artist Magazine called the Muse Madness.  They are requesting artist to submit a picture of what inspires them and also submit a image of the artwork that was created. This call made me think about muses and what inspires artisans.



Wikpeadia defines muse as a person that inspires another person to create art, music, or written work.  The nine daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne were consider “The Muses”.  They were the personification of the knowledge and arts (literature, dance and music).  They are lots of stories of famous muses that have inspired famous artists.



But I think anything can be an inspiration or a muse.  Like the sunrise over the Chesapeake Bay.


A crab pot on the dock.


Or fresh spring flowers.

Tomorrow, look around your world and take note of things that are beautiful to you, that inspires you.

Please, let me know what inspires you.  Email me a bayartisans@gmail.com.

Keep creating,




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