3rd Annual Eastern Shore Sea Glass Festival


The 3rd Annual Eastern Shore Sea Glass Festival in St. Michaels was held this Saturday.  Even through it was raining off and on it was a great event. I guess everyone was glad to get out and enjoy warmer weather.  Sea Glass are shards of glass that has been naturally weathered in salt water.  They become frosted and the sharp edges are rounded.  Artist use sea glass to make beautiful jewelry, and other items.

DSCN0614 DSCN0615 DSCN0616

Jewelry by Rainbow by the Sea Jewelry Designs.  website rainbowbytheseajewelrydesign.com

As you can see each artist use sea glass differently.  Sea Jewelry Designs wrap the sea glass with wire.

DSCN0618 DSCN0617 DSCN0619

Jewelry by Sea Bits Jewelry. website SeaBits Jewelry.com

Sea Bits Jewelry uses the sea glass as pendants.

DSCN0604 DSCN0605

Jewelry by Surfside Sea Glass. http://www.seaglassgems4you.esty.com

Surfside Sea Glass incorporates glass and sea glass in their necklace and earring pendants.

Some of the other Chesapeake Bay area artist that attended the sea glass festival are:

DSCN0600 DSCN0601 DSCN0602 DSCN0603

Unique glass jewelry and handcrafted glassware by Lux Glassworks and Glass Art.  website http://www.luxglassworks.com

DSCN0606 DSCN0607

Chesapeake fine art prints and posters by Ramon Matheu Pop Art.  website http://www.ramonmatheu.com

DSCN0610 DSCN0609 DSCN0608

Stepping stones and garden furniture by Step by Stepping Stones.  website http://www.stepbysteppingstones.com

DSCN0611 DSCN0612 DSCN0613

And fantastic garden recycled sculptures by sandra webberking originals. website http://www.sandrawebberking.com.  I just love the 8 foot tall birds.

I guess being on the Shore, having warmer weather, rain not snow, and looking at the sea glass and garden art made me fee: YES! Summer will soon be here.

In the fall, there will be another sea glass festival hosted by Ophiuroidea.  Please make sure you attend, it is a fun festival.



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